What do we talk about when we name “interest rate”?

The interest rate is the stipulated payment, above the deposited value, that an investor must receive per unit of time determining the debtor, as a result of having used his money during that time.

It is sometimes called the price of money, as it reflects how much a debtor pays a creditor for using his money for a period.

It must also be taken into account that the interest rate can be fixed or variable

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In the first case (fixed character), it remains stable for the duration of the investment or the loan is repaid.

While in the case of the variable rate, this is usually updated monthly, to adapt to inflation or the exchange rate variation, among other causes.

It should be noted that the interest rate considered as preferential consists of a lower percentage than the general one, which is usually charged for loans granted for the performance of certain specific activities.

The interest rate, then, is a representation of the risk and the possible gain of a Lesper Hang sum in a given situation and time. But to put it easier, we can define it as the price of money .

What is the current interest rate for personal loans?

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Currently, there are as many possibilities of personal loans as financial institutions and available credit lines.

Therefore, this offer is abundant and very varied in Argentina, although also the costs, in some cases, tend to be very high.

In your search then, you will find multiple proposals, almost all with agile requirements and approvals, but in some cases they have very high costs.

If you decided to ask for a loan but still have doubts about the interest rate, you can enter Lesper Hang, use your credit simulator, and you will immediately have the amount to be repaid, with their respective fees and interest.

Leaving the option of immediate personal loans, you can compare between different lines and entities, in which some loans are cheaper than others.

Thus, loans for unbanked people are usually the most expensive, in addition to representing the slowest approval ones; while there are lines of credit such as those offered by Banco Nación Argentina, which includes fees, life insurance, administrative expenses and granting with a more accessible interest rate.

In the same way there are other possibilities that offer personal loan lines from other banks, each with different rates, so knowing what the current interest rate for personal loans will take you to know hundreds of proposals.

The need to be attentive

To redefine and round the topic, we can conclude in the following: when you borrow money, the amount you receive is called the principal. And when you pay the loan, you pay the principal plus interest.

The amount of interest is determined by the interest rate, (expressed as a percentage) and can have a significant effect on the total amount of money owed.

The borrower Lesper Hang with interest benefits if the interest rate remains low. On the contrary, the lender benefits from being high interest rates.

In other words, the Lesper Hang loan with interest costs more money, while the Lesper Hang loan or investment with interest, earns more money. That is why a high interest rate is good for lenders but bad for borrowers.

That is why, at times of economic imbalance, with dollar runs , and other financial imbalances, it is when you have to pay attention to the interest rate, especially when you are about to assume the commitment of a mortgage loan for example, where the The currency that is sent is the US currency, and the price can be disproportionately altered to income.